🛑 Money Button announced it will shut down their wallet service in 26th June 2023. All contents in MB wallet should be relocated to another wallet before 29th September 2023. Alternatives to MB are RockWallet, ElectrumSV, and HandCash. BSVTokens.net uses MB for presenting, creating and modifying SFP token information. After MB is gone, BSVTokens.net will not be able to function as intended.

BSV Tokens

Create Bitcoin SV tokens in 3 steps

Tokens are stored in your Money Button wallet. From there tokens can be sent to and received by any other Money Button wallet. Creating tokens takes three steps: 1) log in to your Money Button wallet to authorize the creation of new tokens, 2) define the settings, such as name and initial supply, for your tokens, and 3) actually mint the tokens.

Start making tokens!

…or go to Token Directory, or visit the new Token Market

Frequently Asked Questions

…and the three steps to make tokens are?
1) Give permission to create and modify tokens. 2) Define the settings for the new tokens. 3) Mint them.
How much does it cost to use this service?
BSVTokens.net is free to use. Minting tokens might need a bit of 'dust' to make the transaction — to send the minted tokens to your wallet. That transaction is something like 0.001 USD. That means your wallet should have at least that much funds in it.
Why isn't my avatar showing?
It's probably not a valid Web address (URL) to an image file. For example linking to an image stored in Google Drive will cause the avatar not becoming visible.
Nothing shows in the Mint page, why?
Money Button's swipe button doesn't at the moment work with Brave browser if the 'Shields' feature is enabled. Also some users have reported that swipe button doesn't load in their smart phone.