🛑 Money Button announced it will shut down their wallet service in 26th June 2023. All contents in MB wallet should be relocated to another wallet before 29th September 2023. Alternatives to MB are RockWallet, ElectrumSV, and HandCash. BSVTokens.net uses MB for presenting, creating and modifying SFP token information. After MB is gone, BSVTokens.net will not be able to function as intended.

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1/17 BTC 50,000.00USD15,000Compra detenido
2/17Ape Token100,000.00USD11Compra detenido
3/17Artcoin500,000.00USD11Compra detenido
4/17Banana 0.05USD100100,000,000Compra detenido
5/17BSVTokens10,000.00USD11,000Compra detenido
6/17CHILLI1,000,000.00USD12Compra detenido
7/17DogeSV1.00USD120,000Compra detenido
8/17EarthCoin0.05USD100500,000,000Compra detenido
9/17HFSP Coin1,000,000.00USD11Compra detenido
10/17MarsCoin0.10USD100500,000,000Compra detenido
11/17Memecoin 🚀📢🤑0.05USD1050,000,000Compra detenido
12/17MissionOne0.05USD10499,999,980Compra detenido
13/17OccupyCoin0.05USD10499,999,990Compra detenido
14/17Phucks10,000,000.00USD11Compra detenido
15/17Schiffy100,000.00USD188Compra detenido
16/17UnderDOGE0.05USD1050,000,000Compra detenido
17/17USDT 1.00USD1499Compra detenido
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