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1/13 Kudos0.01USD1010Buying halted
2/13 Real World BSV0.01USD1010Buying halted
3/13Aesthetic Eagle5.00USD11Buying halted
4/13BEARS btc0.01USD110Buying halted
5/13BitcoinSV.pl0.01USD1100Buying halted
6/13BOTCOIN0.01USD15Buying halted
7/13LocalBitcoinSV.com0.01USD150Buying halted
8/13MoneySwap0.01USD99Buying halted
9/13Natoshi0.05USD15Buying halted
10/13NovoBitcoin0.01USD1100Buying halted
11/13Pico-0.01USD11,000,000,000Buying halted
12/13Sassy Foxy8.00USD11Buying halted
13/13Shock the World-Arcade Token0.01USD100100Buying halted
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