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$CMPT has 7 sellers

Don't let anyone tell you $CMPT can't do something

1/7Natu 10,390 tokens0.01 per tokenUSD1SFP@0.1Buying halted
2/7Malkavian5,495 tokens0.01 per tokenUSD2SFP@0.1Buying halted
3/7Alberto5,249 tokens0.01 per tokenUSD5SFP@0.1Buying halted
4/7Arbusto400 tokens0.01 per tokenUSD5SFP@0.1Buying halted
5/7Carlosizquierdo10,500 tokens0.01 per tokenUSD10SFP@0.1Buying halted
6/7Andres10,500 tokens0.01 per tokenUSD10SFP@0.1Buying halted
7/7Jose Nimo10,450 tokens0.50 per tokenUSD1SFP@0.1Buying halted

*At the time of last login. Should the seller have not enough tokens at the time of sale, the seller can send a refund.