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1/17Scott Bibler 19,999,894 tokens0.01 per tokenUSD1SFP@0.1Buying halted
2/17Muhenda Ronald5,000,000 tokens0.01 per tokenUSD1SFP@0.1Buy now
3/17ins1d30ut99,890 tokens0.01 per tokenUSD1SFP@0.1Buying halted
4/17Pete / BSV Tokens82 tokens0.01 per tokenUSD1SFP@0.1Buying halted
5/17scarcetti99,990 tokens0.01 per tokenUSD5SFP@0.1Buying halted
6/17Jack Shorebird5 tokens0.01 per tokenUSD5SFP@0.1Buying halted
7/17Jimmymac94,999,890 tokens0.01 per tokenUSD10SFP@0.1Buying halted
8/17Bit3M315,000,000 tokens0.01 per tokenUSD10SFP@0.1Buying halted
9/17Marek500 tokens0.01 per tokenUSD10SFP@0.1Buying halted
10/17Botcoin.com10,000 tokens0.01 per tokenUSD100SFP@0.1Buying halted
11/17Zain100,000,000 tokens0.01 per tokenUSD1000SFP@0.1Buying halted
12/17Koen Muurling1,000,000 tokens0.01 per tokenUSD1000SFP@0.1Buying halted
13/17moderation8,000,000 tokens0.01 per tokenUSD10000SFP@0.1Buying halted
14/17CryptoLiberatum50,000,000 tokens0.05 per tokenUSD10SFP@0.1Buying halted
15/17Samuel Wilson5 tokens0.06 per tokenUSD1SFP@0.1Buying halted
16/17Edreams3,000,000 tokens1.00 per tokenUSD1SFP@0.1Buying halted
17/17Eugene5 tokens10.00 per tokenUSD5SFP@0.1Buying halted

*At the time of last login. Should the seller have not enough tokens at the time of sale, the seller can send a refund.