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This directory shows tokens that are minted. Another criteria for tokens to be shown is permission from the token creator to be publicly listed here. reserves the right to not display certain tokens, such as those that have negative qualities (e.g. promoting racism).

Tokens in alphabetical order

955/971⏱️ TIME STONE πŸ’Ž42SFP@0.1Unspecified
956/971✨ Chemical A0-3959X.91✨900,000,000SFP@0.1Unspecified
957/971✨ Karma10,000,000SFP@0.1Utility
958/971 πŸ¦ APES TOGETHER STRONG1,000SFP@0.1Utility
959/971🍌 Bananas1,000,000SFP@0.1Unspecified
960/971πŸ‰ BSVPHAM Galaxy Coin 🌷🚅10,000SFP@0.1Unspecified
961/971🌽 BTC - BitCorn21,000,000SFP@0.1Unspecified
962/971πŸ”œ Coin10,000SFP@0.1Unspecified
963/971πŸ’Ž Galaxy Gems πŸ’Ž100,000,000SFP@0.1Unspecified
964/971πŸ‰ Jigcoin SV21,000,000SFP@0.1Utility
965/971 πŸ’‹ KISS EXCHANGE100,000,000,000SFP@0.1Utility
966/971πŸ§™ Mana Potion10,000,000SFP@0.1Collectible
967/971 πŸ€£ ROFLCOIN10,000,000,000SFP@0.1Utility
968/971πŸ’Ž Void Opal πŸ’Ž42SFP@0.1Unspecified
969/971🐢 Wild Doge1SFP@0.1Collectible

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